Professional Apostille + Translation Services

Servicio Profesional de Apostilla y Traduccion

UPDATE: COVID-19: NEW Hours of Operation will be Monday through Friday 10am to 2pm

Because of the recent Pandemic COVIC-19.  We will be slashing our fees by up to 30%.  ALL Orders will automatically receive this price reduction.  Please ship all orders via FedEx or USPS (please select to receive a tracking number, to better track packages).  Most Orders will be ready within 3-4 days.  For faster services please ship the 'apostille order form' along with your documents.  

Please feel free to visit our Los Angeles Offices for a faster turn around:

*** Birth & Death Certificates please make sure they are sign by a County Clerk Vs. an MD signature 'Medical Doctor' signature** for documents signed by an MD there is an extra fee and we need an additional day to process.  Please call our office with any questions.  

Thank you!!

s.0.s apostilles san bernardino

Apostille & Translation Services Specialists

Apostille & Translation Services Specialists

Apostille & Translation Services Specialists

San Bernardino County Apostilles + Translations. Apostillas en el condado de San Bernardino, Calif

Have you been told you need an apostille and have absolutely no idea what an apostille is or how to get one? SOS Apostille Services in San Bernardino County can complete the entire process for you. We even offer pickup service for an additional fee. See the pricing page for complete pricing details. 

What is an Apostille?

Thanks to the Hague Convention of 1961, an Apostille helps by abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. The sole function of the Apostille is to certify the authenticity of the signature on the document; the capacity in which the person signing the document acted; and the identity of any stamp or seal affixed to the document.

Especialistas de Apostillas y Traduccion

Apostille & Translation Services Specialists

Apostille & Translation Services Specialists

San Bernadino County Apostilles + Translations. Apostillas + Traducciones en San Bernardino, CA

¿Le han dicho que necesita una apostilla y no tienen idea de lo que es una apostilla o cómo conseguir una? SOS Apostilles Services localizado en el Condado de San Bernardino  puede completar todo el proceso para usted. También ofrecemos servicio mobile por un cargo adicional. Vea la página de precios para detalles de precios completa.

¿Que es una Apostilla?

Gracias a la Convención de La Haya de 1961, una Apostilla ayuda por la Eliminación del Requisito de Legalización para Documentos Públicos Extranjeros. La única función de la Apostilla es certificar la autenticidad de la firma en el documento, la calidad en que el signatario del documento actuó, y la identidad de cualquier timbre o sello estampado en el documento.

s.o.s apostilles san bernardino county